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Project Z Parkour is the most active, qualified coaching group in the Manchester community. Our mission is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for our pupil’s to hone their physical abilities and interact with their surroundings through the discipline of parkour.

Not sure whether parkour classes are for you? We offer parkour and freerunning lessons for complete beginners right through to advanced pupil’s. We teach classes in Manchester, Stockport, Bury, Leigh, Chorley, Glossop and more. Moreover, we have taught pupil’s from the age of 4 years old, through to 75 years old.  There really is a class for everyone. Check out our Team Up Calendar for our class timetable!

Upcoming Parkour Events/News

Partial Timetable Returned

Under the current government restrictions we have been able to reopen a handful of our popular classes. The list of classes that are currently running can be found on our Bookings Page.

There are still a number of our classes that are unfortunately unable to run due to various limitations. We intend to bring back as much of our pre-lockdown timetable as soon as the government deem it safe to do so. Thankyou all for your patience during these times.


No Spaces Left on Your Class?

Unfortunately due to the government guidelines, we are having to operate classes at 50% of our previous capacity. This is understandably means that some of you are missing out on spaces in your favourite classes when they are fully booked.

Although there is nothing we can do to raise the class capacity right now, if you do find yourself unable to book a class, remember that we also offer 1 to 1 and private bookings.

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For regular updates on classes and events, check out our Facebook Page!

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Lessons / Services

Here at Project Z Parkour we offer a huge range of weekly Parkour lessons across the whole of Greater Manchester and even further afield for all ages. But we offer so much more than just lessons!

Fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page to find out more about any of the services we have to offer:

Kids Parkour Lessons

We run currently run weekly parkour lessons suitable for kids aged 4 – 16 years across a whole host of different locations in Greater Manchester every day.

Adults Parkour Lessons

Our adults parkour lessons are excellent for anyone over 16 looking for an alternative way to improve their fitness and learn incredible new skills at the same time.

Outdoors Parkour Lessons

Outside in the natural environment where parkour was created, these lessons are perfect for anyone looking to get a feel for what parkour feels like out in the real world. Suitable for all abilities!

After School Parkour Clubs

Parkour is an outstanding tool to help pupil’s to build self confidence, determination and responsibility. We work closely with various educational providers to offer parkour lessons that will benefit young learners across all other curricular activities.

Private and 1-to-1 Lessons

Whether you want help fine tuning that one trick or whether you would just like lesson more catered to your needs, our coaches can help you achieve any of your parkour goals.

Parkour Parties

If you are looking for a cool and different idea for your child’s birthday party then look no further! Parkour parties are 2 hours of parkour fun and games that are suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Parkour Holiday Camps

Need an interesting activity to keep the kids entertained over the school holiday? What could be more fun than an entire day of parkour?

Flips and Tricks Workshops

Our flips and tricks workshops are perfect for adult learners across all other physical activities. If you are looking for that one trick to add to your discipline then have a look at the workshops we have to offer.

Parkour Performance / Stunt Demonstration

Our professional parkour performers are also available for bookings. We offer everything from live public performances, to filmed stunts for TV and internet.

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Classes Near Me

With access to a variety of purpose built parkour equipment, school gym equipment and, of course, the natural environment outdoors, we have parkour classes suitable for everyone. We are constantly adding new classes to our timetable so be sure to check on each location regularly. We might add a class that you would like to join.

Find out about parkour near you by following the links below.

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The Project Z Parkour Team

Here at Project Z we have an outstanding collection of the most experienced parkour coaches in the region. We also boast the only 2 fully qualified parkour coaches in the whole of Greater Manchester. Here’s a brief introduction to our incredible parkour team:


Head Parkour Coach
Parkour UK Level 2 Qualified

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Adam Smith

Parkour Coach
Parkour UK Level 2 Qualified

Parkour team member profile picture


Assistant Parkour Coach
Parkour UK Level 1 Qualified

Parkour team member profile picture


Assistant Parkour Coach
Parkour UK Level 1 Qualified

Parkour team member picture


Assistant Parkour Coach
Parkour UK Level 1 Qualified

Parkour Team Member Picture


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All of the coaches on our parkour team are qualified through Parkour UK, the recognised governing body for Parkour in the United Kingdom.

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Contact Us

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, please contact us using the form below. Once you have sent the form a member of the Project Z Parkour team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

To book a class, visit our Bookings page.

If you are struggling with our bookings system, check out our HELP page.