Chorley Parkour Classes

Our Chorley Parkour classes have been a huge success in helping youngsters in the are to engage with physical activity outside of mainstream sports. Our involvement in Chorley started in Autumn of 2017 and we have been running highly popular classes ever since! We are still the only provider of parkour classes within the Chorley area and are constantly looking to offer more opportunities for new students to participate in the sport. If you know any venues/organisations that may be interested in working with us to offer classes in Chorley then fill in the Contact Form.

Chorley Parkour Class Venues

Clayton Green Sports Centre
Centre Drive, Chorley,

Active Nation are “the charity on a mission to persuade the nation to be active!” so we have teamed up with the guys over at Clayton Green Sports Centre to offer weekly parkour classes. With a range of old school gymnastics equipment available, these classes are very similar to the sort of set up our team members trained on back when they were first learning parkour!

Chorley Parkour Class Timetable

Clayton Green Sports Centre


Parkour Fundamentals
6 – 15 Years

5 – 5:45pm


For help booking a class, visit our FAQs page