Check out our range of Parkour courses!

Here at Project Z Parkour we offer a range of Parkour courses that cover everything from a complete introduction to parkour for new comers, right through to courses designed to prepare practitioners for different parkour professions and give each of our pupil’s the tools they need to achieve anything they want from their training.

These courses are perfect for those looking for more structured training than our open classes provide, as each course is catered to a different ability/for a different purpose.

Follow the links below to take a look at the content for each of our personal development courses:

  • Introduction to Parkour
  • Beginners Parkour
  • Intermediate Parkour
  • Advanced Parkour (under construction)

These courses are designed to be completed in the above order to help pupils progress from basic to advanced movements at a safe rate of progression.

More information coming soon!