Covid Measures

Each of our venues may have a handful of additional Covid measures in place. However, the following procedures will be enforced across all of our parkour classes. Please read this page thoroughly if you are attending any of our classes.


  • Students will not be allowed to enter the venue until 5 minutes before the start of the class.
  • Upon entering the venue, students must wash/sanitise there hands using the toilets or sanitising stations provided. (some of our venues will be doing temperature checks on arrival)
  • After washing/sanitising their hands, pupils will be asked to wait in the parkour area and maintain social distancing while the coach allows the rest of the class in. Anyone found not social distancing/misbehaving may be asked to leave.
  • As our regulars will know, the seating areas at the majority of our venues are small and confined. To help maintain social distance we will not be allowing spectators in at any of our venues. Parents and guardians are asked to wait in their vehicles or outside the venues.

During the Class

  • There will be NO physical spotting in any of our classes for the foreseeable future to reduce. Our coaches will ensure that all pupils are only performing movements within their skills capability without physical aid.
  • In addition, there will be no contact/team warm up games. All warm ups and activities will not involve group or partner work.
  • Where possible, we will be giving pupils separate areas to practice movements however, in the instances where this is not possible, common sense must be used to maintain social distancing.


  • All pupils will be asked to clean and sanitise their hands before leaving the venue.
  • Classes will end 15 minutes before the start of the next class to allow the coaches time to clean the equipment before the next class starts.
  • To give the coaches time to clean and prepare for the next class and to prevent cross contamination with the next class arriving, it is crucial that all students are collected on time.


All bookings MUST be made through our Team Up Calendar prior to the class.
There will be NO exceptions.

Alternative Covid Guide

If this information was a bit too serious for you, check out Cloud Aerial Arts instructional video on the Covid measures at this venue for a more light-hearted approach. Ensure you have read our instructions first as there are a few additional measure we have had to implement that are not covered in this video.


Covid Waiver

We will also be adding an additional waiver to our Team Up Page that ALL pupils must sign before joining in with our classes. Next time you log on to your account, please head to the “Forms and Waivers” tab to complete this. If you have already booked your classes for next week, please go and do that now. If you arrive on the day and the Covid Waiver is not signed then you may not be allowed to participate.