Easter Eggs

March/April Update

March was a fairly uneventful month for us. Classes 6 days a week and not a whole lot of training. So we decided to delay our updates until we had something more interesting to show you all. Then April came along and the madness started! Lots of training. New weekly jam in Bury. More Parkour Holiday Camps. And best of all, new videos released on our YouTube channel!

But before we go into all of that, let’s have a look at some of our classes in action from the last couple of months…

New Weekly Parkour Jam

We realise that with all of our classes so spread out it is quite difficult for some of you to get to more than 1 of our classes each week. We would love to be able to put more classes on but until we get more qualified coaches (or 9 days in a week) it is going to be a struggle.

In the mean time, Smithy has kindly invited you all to a weekly Parkour Jam on Wednesdays from 6:30pm at Burrs Country Park. We would like to express that this is not a coached class and that anyone attending should be able to do their own training unsupervised. Due to this not being a coached class, it is completely FREE!

Join our Facebook group for more details:
Bury Parkour Group


May Parkour Holiday Camps

Due to the massive success of our Easter half term camps we have decided to host 2 more holiday camps over the May half term!

On Tuesday 29th May and Thursday 31st May our qualified parkour coaches, Tom and Isaac, will be offering a whole 5 hour day of parkour training open to all ages and abilities.

To find out more, check out our Facebook event:
May Parkour Holiday Club

Or contact:

Homework Shoutouts

As a lot of you may have noticed, we post all of our Parkour Homework tasks on our Facebook Page (Project Z Parkour Training) every Monday evening.

Earlier this month we had a homework competition where we asked you to go and hold a cat hang off the lowest obstacle you could find. The lowest cat hang would win a free class!

Well, here’s your winner! (by half a brick – yes, we counted!)

Get in touch with info@projectzparkour.com to claim your free class!


Easter Weekend Parkour Jams

Over the easter bank holiday weekend, our team got together for a couple of Parkour Jams in Manchester and Bury. Tom finally got his act together and managed to edit the footage from the days into 2 new videos for our YouTube channel. Check them out!

Performance Work

On top of our own new video releases, both Smithy and Tom have been busy recently doing their thing for a couple of music videos that were released over the last 2 months. Okay, the one featuring Tom is a little bit like a “Where’s Waldo” book trying to figure out where he is but the one featuring Smithy is damn cool!

Corella – Caught Up

Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In

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New Lesson Plans

Some of you may know that Tom plans his lessons in 2 month blocks based around certain themes/aspects of parkour training. A lot of the time the theme is based around certain types of movement (like jumping or vaulting etc) Due to the standard of skill and understand in our current pupil’s at our Oxygen Freejumping classes, he has had to up his game and start to think a little outside the box!

Over the next 2 months our Oxygen freejumping classes will have lessons based on the following themes:

  • Self Achievement – Setting our own targets and learning how to break them down to achieve our goals
  • Over-Coming Fears – Learning how to train our mind to acknowledge fear while training and exploring ways we can prepare ourselves to over come these fears
  • Leading/Coaching Experience – Exploring ways of using our experience to support other practitioners in achieving their goals

Needless to say, we are excited to see how you all take on these new challenges!