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Live Score Sheet

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Project Z Parkour are proud to host Manchester Takeover in collaboration with Free Spirit Parkour. The Takeover is a city wide parkour street competition held in the heart of Manchester!

Competitors have 7 hours to complete as many of our 50+ hand picked parkour skill challenges as possible. These challenges are located all across Manchester town centre and can be located using the map page below once the challenges go live on the day of the event. 

The scoring is simple: for every challenge completed, the Manchester Takeover competitors will earn 1 point towards their total score. The competitor with the most challenges completed at end of the competition will take home the title of “Champion of Manchester”… And also a cash prize.

To submit challenges, competitors must film themselves completing the challenge and upload the clip to an Instagram story tagging @ProjectZParkour or @FreeSpiritParkour before the competition cut off time.

There are separate divisions for male and female competitors with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both divisions.

Participation of transgender and non-binary competitors will follow the recently published USPKA trans-inclusion policy

Due to the associated risk involved with some of the challenges set, all participants must be age 16 years and over ⚠️

Manchester Takeover Sponsorships

We would like to give a huge thanks to this years sponsors for donating prizes to make this competition the best it could be!

If you have been around the competitive parkour scene in the UK in recent years then @TeamRealityLtd will need no introduction. These guys really are at the forefront of supporting parkour competitions year in, year out.

True to their reputation, Team Reality have generously donated a variety of vouchers for their online clothing store to the top 3 athletes in both the men’s and women’s category this weekend!

Make sure you check out their weekly YouTube videos and their online store!

Undeniably a household name at this point: Storror is the group that creates the most compelling parkour content online.

While the team has been honing their skills in both parkour and filmmaking for over a decade, they’ve also developed their own line of clothing and training shoes.

Storror have kindly donateda selection of one time use vouchers for their online store to the winners of the Men’s and Women’s division. 

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel and their online Clothing Store.

Since 2022, Contendunt has worked on improving education and tackling the stigma surrounding mental health conversation within our lifestyle sports communities.

Contendunt have lovingly donated a variety of vouchers for their online clothing store to the top 3 athletes in both the men’s and women’s category this weekend!

Go and check out their website to view their clothing store and resources for understanding mental health issues.

Breach Manchester Takeover Sponsor

Breach was born of Parkour heritage and inspired through years of involvement in the growth and progression of Parkour.

Outside of their clothing, Breach are responsible for bringing about the masterpiece “Enter the Breach”, one of parkour films of this generation.

Breach have kindly donated a number of pieces from their online store to the winners of the Men’s and Women’s category.

Be sure to go check out their site for their clothing and the full Enter the Breach film!

Contendunt Manchester Takeover Generic Parkour

Bursting onto the scene out of nowhere at the start of the year and bringing us Liverpool Takeover only months later was no small feat.

Following up on that success, the guys over at Generic Parkour have kindly jumped on board to support the Manchester Takeover by donating some clothing and stickers as prizes to the winners and runners up in both categories!

Be sure to check out their Instagram page to keep up to date on events happing in and around Liverpool this year!