Handstand Push Up Challenge

The Handstand Push Up Challenge was first introduced to us by Will Tomlinson who ran parkour classes as Nuperspektiv back in the early days of our team’s training.

The idea is to find yourself a flat wall and get up into a handstand position. You then have 10 minutes to do as many handstand push ups as you can.


  1. Your hands must be no more than 2 of your own hand spaces from the wall in your handstand.
  2. At the bottom of your push up, your head must be within a couple of inches of the ground. You cannot rest your head on the floor.
  3. When returning to the top of your push up, you must get your arms back to fully locked out.
  4. You can come away from the wall and return to your handstand position as many times as you like, though the time does not stop when you come down to rest.


  1. Wear socks, not shoes. Your socks will slide up and down the wall easier during your push up.
  2. Kick up so that you are facing away from the wall in your handstand. Walking up the other way wastes energy.
  3. Take frequent rests even if you feel like you could do more.
  4. Stretch your shoulders before and after!

Name No of Handstand Push Ups
1) Luke Ramsden (Coach) 69 Push Ups
2) Tom Redfern (Coach) 68 Push Ups
3) Nath Mansell 60 Push Ups

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