Parkour Courses

Parkour Development Courses

The Project Z Parkour Development Courses are a series of courses designed to give students a structured and progressive training experience in parkour. There are 9 courses in total which gradually increase in depth and difficulty. Students on our Development Course pathway will begin on the Yellow Development Course. Each course must be completed in sequence to progress to the higher level courses.

To complete a course, students must take part in one or more of our Assessment Days. These days will test a student’s parkour ability and their understanding of the themes covered in lessons during the course.

Benefits of Our Parkour Courses

During these courses, students benefit from accelerated progression in parkour and sense of direction in their parkour training. On top of this participants on our parkour courses gain access to exclusive Project Z Parkour merchandise and discounts.

Yellow Parkour Courses

The Yellow Course gives students an introduction to fundamental parkour movements and safety techniques at ground level.

Red Development Course

The Red Course increases the difficulty of the skills learned on the Yellow Course and introduces students to more technical skills such as: flips and route building.

Green Parkour Courses

The Green Course targets the mastery of fundamental parkour movements from the previous courses. It also contains a greater depth of practice in some of the more intermediate parkour skills.

Orange Development Course

With the fundamentals mastered in the previous courses, the Orange Course begins to introduce learners to some of the values and the mindset that must be present when training parkour.

Pink Parkour Courses

The Pink Course teaches students to embody the core values of parkour. This course will show learners how to put these values into practice within their own parkour training.

Purple Development Course

The Purple Course begins to introduce students to some of the pathways in which their parkour skills can be applied. Students can expect an introduction to competitions and leadership roles within this course.

Silver Parkour Courses

The Silver Course builds on all of the skills learned in previous courses and brings them together to begin developing a truly well rounded parkour athlete.

Gold Development Course

The Gold Course hones the skills and attitudes attained in all of the previous courses to become the pinnacle of a well rounded parkour athlete.

White Parkour Courses

A student on the White Course strives to embody the spirit and values of parkour throughout not only their training, but their day to day life too.

How Do You Progress?

To pass each course, students must complete all of the relevant assessment days associated with the course as well as any additional requirements. The number of assessment days required to pass each course varies depending on the course.

Our “Student Course Development Booklet” can be purchased through our Store Page. This booklet details all of the assessment criteria for each Assessment Day along with the additional requirements needed to pass each of our Development Courses.

Non-Development Course Classes

Despite the many benefits to be gained from our Parkour Development Courses, we appreciate that this assessment style of learning may not suit every student. For those interested in parkour classes that do not follow our development course structure, our “Parkour Fundamentals” classes are perfect for you. For the full list of classes we offer, visit our Parkour Timetable.