Parkour Development Courses

Our Parkour Development Course are designed to give students structured progressive training in the discipline of parkour to get the most out of each class and build up their skills even faster! These courses have 5 different levels for students to complete, each with different aims and gradually increasing in difficulty. Completion of these courses not only enables faster progression with parkour but also rewards pupils with access to EXCLUSIVE merchandise and discounts that cannot be accessed through our other classes!

Courses Available

Yellow Development Course
(Level 1)

Our Yellow Course will give an introduction to parkour. With the focus on basic movements, our Yellow level is suitable for complete beginners and will help set you off on your parkour journey.

Red Development Course
(Level 2)

The Red Course is the next phase in our parkour development training. At the Red level pupils will build a solid base skill set across different areas of movement with the focus on learning to combine these skills into seamless runs.

Green Development Course
(Level 3)

During our Green Course, in addition to learning intermediate movements, pupils will also spend time training aspects of parkour that are more technical or psychological. The Green level will introduce the mindset of a parkour practitioner, not just the skill set.

Pink/Blue Development Course
(Level 4 and 5)

The higher level course will prepare athletes for the areas of parkour they are interested in taking their training. Whether they want to become local parkour coaches or athletes competing at competitions around the world, or even just for those interested in learning and training.

Course Structure

The courses are separated into blocks of themed lesson plans. These themes vary from the types of moves learned in the month (vaults, bar work, wall work etc) to more technical elements of parkour (foot placement and direction changes) and even more personal elements (overcoming fear and self achievement) in the later courses. These blocks of themed lesson plans have a list of goals each pupil will be aiming to achieve to complete the course.

At the end of every 2 months there will be a CHALLENGE DAY where the coaches test to see whether the goals from the previous month’s themes have been completed by each pupil. Once a pupil has completed all of the course goals, they will be able to advance to the next course level.

These courses must be completed in the above order by all pupils.

Parkour Development Course Classes

Not all of our classes are following our course structure. Our Fundamentals classes are open classes that are less structured and can be joined at any point. For those looking to join our courses to gain the most from each lesson and progress faster, as well as gain access to exclusive merchandise and discounts, the classes listed below are our current selection of Development Course