Parkour in School

Here at Project Z Parkour we have worked closely with school/educational organisations since 2016 to offer the highest quality of parkour and freerunning classes across Greater Manchester.

Every school is looking to gain something different from offering parkour to their pupils so we have a variety of different services we can offer to best suit your needs:


  • Before and after school clubs
  • Lunch time enrichment activities
  • Physical Education lessons during curriculum time
  • Sports week events and workshops
  • Reward trips to one of our venues
  • School assemblies/demonstrations

Parkour in School

All we need to offer parkour classes within schools is a small sports hall or gym with some basic gymnastics equipment. (Horse boxes, wooden benches, mats etc) For those schools without equipment, we do have equipment available for hire for one off and block bookings of lessons.

Why Offer Parkour at Your School?

Parkour is a non-competitive movement discipline that helps teach participants to use their bodies to overcome physical and mental challenges. Practitioners use jumping, climbing and acrobatic techniques to traverse their environment. But why should we offer parkour in schools?…

The nature of the sport builds functional strength, co-ordination, flexibility, accuracy, and balance like no other sport out there. It also teaches safety, responsibility, overcoming fear, creative thinking and focus which are all crucial skills for young people to learn.

It can also help to engage young learners who do not enjoy mainstream team sports like football and basketball etc. The non-competitive element makes it easier for pupils to feel more comfortable with as there is no risk of losing or letting the side down by not performing well.

Our Coaches

All of our coaches are qualified through Parkour UK – the recognised National Governing Body for Parkour in the UK. This means you can be sure that our coaching team are trained to the highest standard available. In addition, we ensure that our staff are fully insured and DBS checked. All of our coaches also have up to date First Aid and Safeguarding training to offer the most professional service in the district.

Outside of official qualifications and documents, all of our staff are active parkour practitioners. Their enthusiasm for the sport and understanding of the benefits parkour training can have on the physical and mental wellbeing of participants sets our classes apart from any other means of offering parkour in schools.

Schools We Have Worked With

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