Parkour Parties

Our parkour parties are fantastic! 2 hours of parkour fun and games, lead by 2 of our qualified parkour coaches. These parties are suitable for any level of parkour experience, including those who have never tried parkour before.

A typical breakdown of one of our parties is that we would spend the first 15 – 20 minutes introducing the area to the group with some warm up games. Then we will spend the rest of the first hour teaching the group some super cool parkour moves that they can take away from the party to show all of their friends. The final hour is dedicated to classic party games with a parkour twist. Games like “duck, duck, goose”, “bull dog” and “granny’s foot steps” are way more interesting with parkour thrown into the mix! We also usually finish off with food/free time supervised by our coaches.

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Party Venues

We currently run our parkour parties out of a couple of different venues:

MANCHESTER – Cloud Aerial Arts, Unit A, Aldow Enterprise Park, Blackett Street, M12 6AE
STOCKPORT – Cloud Aerial Elite, 3rd Floor, Welkin Mill, Welkin Road, SK6 2BH

Spiderman Parkour Parties

Did we mention that the one and only Spiderman was a dear friend of Project Z Parkour?

The web slinger loves a party and occasionally has time to attend some of our birthday celebrations.

During the second hour of our parties, Spiderman can arrive to say hello to the birthday boy/girl and the rest of the group. Once the introductions are out of the way, the group can then join Spidey in some super hero training around the parkour park so that they can all be super heroes too!

Do We Offer Food?

At the moment neither venue has the facilities to provide food for these parties. However, both venues are happy for you to bring your own food, snacks and cake.

Prices and Availability for Parkour Parties

Prices for our parkour parties vary depending on number of attendees, venue choice and optional spiderman appearance.
For prices, availability and more information fill in the contact form below:

To try out a class before booking one of our parties visit our Bookings Page