Our Parkour Sessions

Here at Project Z Parkour we offer parkour classes across the whole of Greater Manchester. But what are our pupil’s learning in our classes?

Well, a typical parkour class with Project Z Parkour will usually consist of a decent, full body warm up along with a variety of exercises designed to build up the strength, mobility and physical fitness needed to progress in Parkour. This is usually then followed up by the break down of various skills used in parkour (such as climbing, jumping and vaulting) and learning how to apply them through a selection of movement based challenges. Although this may be what our parkour classes usually look like from the outside, it does not come close to explaining what our pupil’s gain from our classes.

We try to make sure all of our parkour classes are run with the core values behind the sport of parkour in mind. That is to say, we put a great emphasis on developing personal traits such as:

  • Self Confidence
  • Determination
  • Humility
  • Discipline
  • Risk Awareness
  • Taking Responsibility for Own Actions

All of these traits are crucial, not only for success within parkour, but success in all other aspects of life.

If you are still curious about what we teach in our classes, check out the video below showcasing some of the fantastic pupil’s at our Outdoors Parkour Classes in Bury.

Our Coaches

All of our coaches are qualified through the National Governing Body for Parkour in the UK (Parkour UK) This means you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality of Parkour classes available, which all of our pupil’s can vouch for too! If you would like to learn more about our coaches and team members, check out our Team Page!

Types of Parkour Classes

If you have already taken a look at our timetable, you will have noticed that we have a few different class types listed. Below is a table explaining each of the classes listed:

Beginners Parkour

Experienced practitioners are welcome to join these parkour classes, and will be challenged equally throughout the class. However, these lessons are catered towards helping new members learn the basics of parkour so that they have a solid foundation to their parkour training.

Outdoors Parkour

Our Outdoors Parkour Classes are perfect for those pupil’s looking to gain “real” parkour experience outside of the gym environment. These classes will cater to all abilities. Please dress appropriately for the weather as these classes will always be held outdoors. 

Parkour Jam

Our Parkour Jams are suitable for pupil’s who have previous parkour experience and would like to do some time to do their own parkour training. These sessions are supervised by a member of our coaching team, however, this is not a coached session. Anyone attending these sessions should know how to train safely without instruction. 

Parkour Holiday Camps

Our Parkour Holiday Camps are a whole day of Parkour Fun that we run during school holidays to give pupil’s their weekly fix of movement. These camps are suitable for all levels of parkour experience. Throughout the day, pupil’s will learn parkour skills through a variety of technical challenges, teamwork exercises and games.

Saddleworth Wednesday Parkour Club

This is an after school Parkour Class for pupil’s who attend Saddleworth High School. This class is run as part of the Saddleworth Wednesday Sport Enrichment scheme.

If you would like to see Parkour Classes at your school, check out our page on Parkour in Education!

Private and 1 to 1 Lessons

Our Private Parkour Classes are open to anyone. These lessons can cover anything from a complete introduction to parkour, to fine tuning that one move that has been a personal goal for ages!

To find out more about our Private Parkour Classes, check out our page on Private Lessons!

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Here at Project Z Parkour we run parkour classes across the whole of Greater Manchester, across more than 5 different venues. To find out about classes and venues in each of the areas we teach, follow the links below:








Along with the Parkour community at large, we give no credit to the claim that parkour is the 8th discipline of gymnastics, as claimed by the International Federation of Gymnastics in an attempt to profit off the popularity of our sport and boost their declining numbers in participation. Parkour is a sport in it’s own right in the UK and has no affiliation with the sport of Gymnastics. #WeAreParkour

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