Our History


Project Z Parkour has a history that started long before it was ever given a name. In late 2010 a group called Nuperspektiv were leading parkour classes around the Bury area. It was at these classes that 3 members of our team began their parkour journey. Tom began his parkour journey through Nuperspektiv at Bury College. Adam Smith and Adam Popowski began their’s at St Gabriels High School. It wasn’t long before all 3 had developed a passion and enthusiasm for the discipline.


It was in 2012 that, by chance, the trio bumped into each other at Burrs Country Park while training. They ended up training together and exchanged contact numbers to arrange future jumps. By the end of 2012, they were the only 3 left training regularly of their original class mates from college and school. Nuperspektiv classes had come to an end in Bury at this point so the three continued to meet at Burrs whenever they could to learn parkour through trial and error (and more error than success) taking inspiration from various Youtube channels.


After a few years of no coach and no indoor facilities, the team decided that the best way to open up opportunities for their training would be to begin to achieve their coaching qualifications. Tom passed his Level 1 Parkour Coaching Qualification in 2015 and in April that year he left factory work behind him and took a full time role, coaching parkour, in a fitness centre in Manchester with Adam Smith and Adam Popowski on hand most nights to help out.

It was at these classes that some of the other team members began their parkour training. Luke Taylor and Luke Ramsden both joined in 2015, followed by Isaac at the start of 2016. The 3 took to parkour so naturally that it was not long before they were mentoring new comers to the classes during free time, and began helping the coaches out more and more each week.


It was only when the team left the fitness centre and Tom completed his Level 2 Parkour Coaching Qualification through Parkour UK, that they started to develop the idea of a setting up a parkour team dedicated to improving opportunities to participate in parkour across Greater Manchester. They dubbed themselves “Project Z Parkour” with the aim to establish a range of parkour classes to offer the guidance for new practitioners in Manchester that had been absent since the end of the Nuperspektiv days.


These days, Project Z Parkour are offering the highest quality of parkour classes across all of Greater Manchester. The classes are run at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations, offering new practitioners the opportunities and advantages that the Project Z Parkour team did not always have access to when they began their journey.

To find out how you can get involved, book a class!