Psychological Benefits

What psychological benefits will I get from participating in parkour?

The are a large number of psychological benefits that can be gained from participating in parkour. These benefits can arguably, over shadow the physical benefits gained by taking part. The nature of the activity aims to bring out the best in everyone who takes part. Below we have listed some of, in our opinion, the most valuable and most commonly experienced mental benefits to taking part in parkour:

The focus of parkour is self-improvement and therefore teaches practitioners to be self-reliant and to take responsibility for their own actions.

Parkour can be used to help participants to overcome their fears through understanding of the difference between risk and danger.

Through parkour training, each participant will begin to learn their own physical and mental limits while simultaneously learning ways to overcome them.

It also helps to promote self-confidence and determination which have been proven have a positive effect on learning.

Practice of parkour requires individuals to find their own solution to a problem using movement. This supports creative vision and self-expression through physical activity.

Respect is of paramount importance to parkour practitioners. Respect for yourself and your ability, respect for others and respect for your environment are necessary to practice parkour safely

Parkour will affect each individual in different ways. We could sit here talking about the benefits of participating in parkour for hours but the best way to find out what parkour can do for you is to come and get involved! Check out our class timetable to find out where you can get started!