Stockport Parkour Classes

In the summer of 2018 our team discovered that Stockport town centre was an untapped resource of incredible parkour training spots. So naturally when we found out that Cloud Aerial Arts had a branch in Stockport we couldn’t wait to set up some Stockport Parkour classes to help people learn the skills to make use of the fantastic environment they have at their disposal.

Stockport Parkour Class Venues

Cloud Aerial Arts Elite
Welkin Mill
Welkin Road, Stockport

Cloud Aerial Arts Elite is Stockport’s franchise of Manchester’s number 1 circus training facility. With a huge space available and a range of custom made equipment, this venue has proven perfect for our weekly classes and parkour parties. This is currently our only venue with a purpose built scaffolding rig for pupils to practice their bar work on so these classes are definitely worth a visit!

Stockport Parkour Class Timetable

Cloud Aerial Elite


Parkour Fundamentals
6 – 15 Years

7 – 8pm

Cloud Aerial Elite


Mini Movers
4 – 8 Years

10 – 11am

Cloud Aerial Elite


Yellow/Red Development Course
9 – 15 Years

11 – 12pm

Cloud Aerial Arts


Adults Parkour

12 – 1pm


For help booking a class, visit our FAQs page