Wigan Parkour Classes

We have been running parkour classes in Wigan and Leigh since early 2017 now and have been fortunate enough to work out of a number of incredible venues along the way, including trampoline parks, gymnastics clubs and high school sports halls. During this time we have offered kids and adults classes as well as special private lessons for home educated groups. At the end of 2017 one of our local Wigan pupils also achieved his Level 1 Parkour Coaching certificate after a year of hard work in our classes too, taking the first step to building a Wigan community within the sport!

Wigan Parkour Class Venues

Wigan Personal Training Studio
7 Leeds Street

Our Wigan PT Studio classes are not currently running due to Covid restrictions.

The PT Studio Wigan is an exciting new venue for us starting in Feb 2020. We are so excited to say that along with our usual vault boxes, spring boards and mats as the range of equipment, there will also be access to some bars that can be used to practice swings and other cool movements! This is going to be a super exciting class!

Wigan Parkour Class Timetable

The PT Studio Wigan


Parkour Fundamentals
6 – 15 Years

3:30 – 4:30pm


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